Tatsuo Suzuki

335.00 EUR

A4 size original print +《SET Vol.1 -Vol.6 ZINE: TOKYO STREET 》(INCLUDING SHIPPING COST)

Image of A4 size original print +《SET Vol.1 -Vol.6 ZINE: TOKYO STREET 》(INCLUDING SHIPPING COST)

For customers living in Japan

*Unfortunately, we cannot deliver from the Japan post office to those countries, Yemen, Guatemala, Somalia and Libya.

We sell a special set with original print and six zines.
please take advantage of this opportunity.

*All photographs are high-quality prints made by a Professional Photo Lab in Tokyo.


We send a print with the first shipment of the zine.

For customers that want photographs other than No.1-No.5, please select No.6. We will contact customers who select 6 separately​.
All photos are for sale on my Instagram page and website (except for commercial photos).

We will send out the ZINE and bonus goods every other month.


Products are usually shipped about two weeks after we receive an order.
◆【 Original print 】
A4size (210×297mm)
◆【 ZINE × 2 】
100pages / B5size (257×182mm)
・TOKYO STREET VOL.2 September_2019

【Estimated shipping date】
[ December ]
・TOKYO STREET VOL.3 November_2019
・3 Prints
・ Extra issue
[ February ]
・TOKYO STREET VOL.4 January_2020
・ 3 Prints
・ Extra issue
[ April ]
・ TOKYO STREET VOL.5 March_2020
・3 Prints
・ Extra issue
[ June ]
・3 Prints
・ Extra issue

*Please note that the size and shape of "Extra issue" are subject to change.